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I'm passionate about helping business leaders build a successful and significant product strategy that is resilient, makes customers love them, and accelerates their business goals.

With over 35 years of experience helping small and large organizations build game-changing products and services, I'd be honored to now help you achieve your vision too.

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Double Down on Connection, Community and Career Development

Three way to connect more today in your efforts to pursue calling and career in community.

Zoom Planning Tool

Get beyond logging in and participating.  This tool helps you plan and implement excellent zoom meetings -- and its my gift to you today.

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Spreading Connection While Socially Distanced

eBook and Minicourse.  Helps you thrive in connection even if you must be physically separated.  Full of creative and tech ideas to help you connect with and care for anyone.

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Pursue Your Calling & Career

Kevin Tougas & Todd Boyum facilitate workshop August 17th at 6:30pm

Let Fellowship Career Network help you pursue your calling and career in community.  We meet on zoom every Monday night at 6:30pm central time.  Request the zoom link now!

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Sean Chandler Talks About

Sean Chandler is a Creative Entrepreneur that has built a YouTube channel with over 300,000 followers that love to watch Sean's engaging videos about movies. Here, Sean is talking about his case study working with me.


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"Todd Boyum has a unique ability to translate what can seem to be two worlds speaking 2 different languages--the world of business success and the world of faith. Thank you for helping me combine the two seamlessly and powerfully. I feel more on purpose than ever and not only am I creating success in my business, but significance as well!"

Dr. Erin Oksol
Entrepreneur, success coach, speaker, psychologist, author-obsessed with greatness!

"An ability to transform complex material into relate-able nuggets that transform individuals…that defines Todd Boyum. He truly bridges passion and understanding over the river of difficulty and self-doubt."

Patrick Heinzelman
Business Development Professional

"Todd Boyum has an excellent ability to uncover nuanced details that I’ve completely missed that allow me to progress to the next level of action and success."

Clyde Marr

"In the time I've known Todd, he has inspired me, coached me, mentored me, listened to me and accepted me. While I’m naturally a pessimist, Todd taught me to see things from an entirely different perspective which many others have unsuccessfully tried before. I find that before I do something or react to something, I think about how Todd would approach the situation. I love having a little Todd in my head, encouraging me!! I'm eternally grateful."

Tara Rosado

"After meeting with Todd only two times, he made some suggestions which helped me grow a segment of my business by 50% in just two months!"

Sean Chandler
Creative Entrepreneur

"Todd is an amazing person to work with. He listens carefully. He supports, encourages, and challenges. He has a wealth of information and resources— which he generously shares. My partner and I went on a journey of creating our new company's website--taking many months. After much frustration, I contacted Todd to assist us. Because of Todd's coaching and technical skills, along with his experience and training, our website development moved forward quickly. It's truly an honor to work with him. We plan on continuing to work with Todd on other projects!"

Kate Marie Burdick
Co-Owner, Spring Forest Coaching, LLC

Write Your Book!

Have you dreamed of writing a book?  I took a step in that direction by working with 13 other co-authors in Obstacles Equal Opportunities Vol II.  You can by it on Amazon.  If you're interested in working on something like this and don't know where to begin, let me help you get started and introduce you to people who can help.

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