Rule by Filling the Cup Well

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2019

Gen 1:28 tells us that after God created us, he blessed us telling us to “be fruitful and multiple and fill the earth and subdue it.” 

This is about more than procreation. As co-creators and image-bearers, God is inviting us to use our God-likeness to be good stewards and partner with him to fill the earth with His glory. 

While God is infinite and eternal — we are not.  We are bound by time. The first and most important thing we must rule over is the finite boundaries of the present moment. 

Imagine time as a cup with limited capacity and our to-do list as a river.  Ruling our life well is the freedom we have to decide what fills our cup each day. That decision determines the quality and shape of our day, week and life.

If we’re passive about this, we get randomness and become overwhelmed.

It’s easily to get disoriented in the complex and endless river of possibilities.  Some are opportunities and some are distractions. 

One way I’ve learned to be more intentional that seems to help my clients as well is to shift my focus from the overwhelming flow of the river to co-creating with God an ideal day or week designed to provide the unique cup of cold water of my life.

I challenge you to try it -- here's how: 

  1. Get away from it all for a bit and be still with God.  Ask God to help you create an accurate, authentic, and honoring design for your ideal day/week.

    CAUTION -- don't just use your existing, overwhelmed calendar and to-do list.
  2. Consider what your unique design requires each day.  Keep it simple and high-level.  You need to consider 2 types of time - time for work and time for other activities.  Let’s consider those first.
    1. You have to sleep - this should be 7-8 hours
    2. You have to eat
    3. You need to care for yourself - exercise, personal care, & spiritual practice such as meditation, prayer, reading the Bible
    4. You need social time with family & friends
    5. You should consider a buffer between work and sleep if you don't have one.

How much total time is required for other activities?  Subtract that from 24 and you’ve arrived at the number of hours you will work.  Now consider the work time?

  • How will you break your work up into effect focus blocks that best serve you
  • When and for how longs will you take breaks to recharge your body and mind. Consider a 50 minute work, 10 minute break split.

You now have an ideal day — extrapolate this across your ideal week then consider how some days might be slightly different to best support you.

Think of this ideal day or week as your cup.  Now, you can come to the river of possibilities each day and ask God what are the most  important and most essential elements of work to pull from the river this day.

Then feel satisfied that you've lived that day well and thank God for all the joy of it.



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